Creating Tomorrow's Colour Today

Creating Tomorrow's Colour Today

Essential Looks Collection 2:2019


This season’s trends are based on colour and contradictions. The collection takes inspiration from extremes (and everything in between) – showcasing eight cutting-edge looks across three trends, by some of the world's most visionary hair artists.


The collection strikes a balance between high fashion lovers and individuals making an anti-establishment, anti-fashion statement.


“It’s a super diverse new world order of self-expression, where everybody has the freedom to be whoever they want to be and exercise their human right to creative expressionism, all the way. While change is in the air, we are also seeing a deep need for authenticity in everything.”


Schwarzkopf Professional International Creative Director, Simon Ellis

Color Clash

Trend 1: Color Clash

Think bold shades, glamorous silhouettes and fluid forms.




The spirit of fashion can take us to so many places, but somehow it feels at its most wonderful when it goes large. In this story, shades are bold, clashes are glamorous and silhouettes are strong, but there’s also a spirit of rich, fluid movement and understated power.


Grown-up confidence and glamorous spirit with a full-body colour punch; effortlessly silky and luxe, in a fable of modern sophistication.


Trend 2: Urbaganza

Classics skewed through a modern urban lens.




New authentics command a mood of cool urban extravagance. The trend? Urbaganza – reinventing classics with a slick, high-shine edge.


Cool, certain, nonchalant; Urbaganza celebrates a unique sense of self, a reinvention of an urban attitude. Norms are shaken up, classic forms fearlessly reimagined and unexpected combinations take the lead. A simple shape is punked in patent, a clean silhouette lives luxe in leather. Lines are sharp and high-shine rules!

Texture Tension

Trend 3: Texture Tension

A tactile play on translucence and purity.




Sometimes less is more. Life is all about making an understatement and being heard under the noise. This is a story of structured simplicity, integrity and timelessness; pairing a crisp white shirt, cut away into transparent panels, with ashy hair that looks supernatural yet magically dappled in light.


Transparency, simplicity, power in purity, nuanced naturals, pastels and crisp whites; hair shimmers – could that be rain?