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IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver Colorists
Team Disheveled Nudes


Discover Disheveled Nudes, co-created by award winning Australian colourist Matt Clements and world-renowned educator Jorge Cáncer, this collection is all about tonal placements that accentuate strong, directional shapes adding dimension and texture.

Jorge Cáncer

Jorge Cáncer


Madrid based Jorge Cancer, is a world-renowned educator and member of X-presion Creativos: a creative studio that is dedicated to investigation, innovation and creation of new techniques.


With his edgy style and bold use of colours, Jorge has created a beautifully textured look using his pixel colouring technique.

Matt Clements


Matt Clements is an award-winning colourist from Australia, having achieved the title 'Australian Colour Technician Of The Year' four times.


Known for pushing the boundaries of conventional colour design and techniques, Matt applies his inventive style to Disheveled Nudes, with his Vanguard Shadowing look.

Matt Clements
Team Dusted Rouge


Discover Dusted Rouge! Co-created by Global Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Colour Specialist, Jean Philippe Santos, this collection offers a sophisticated take on reds with six new unpolished shades, ranging from barely-there red hues, to deep shaded vintage tones.

Jean Philippe Santos

Jean Philippe Santos


Jean Philippe Santos is an up-and-coming trend colourist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. With over 40k+ followers on Instagram, Jean is known for his signature red colour creations and bold edgy styles.


With his in-depth knowledge of hair, colour and styles, Jean is the perfect choice to accompany Lesley in Team Dusted Rouge – creating a fresh inspirational look that everyone will love!

Lesley Jennison


When it comes to colour, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, knows it all. Having started her career in 1984, Lesley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Team Dusted Rouge.


Lesley has created her own unique look by mixing Dusted Rouge with the IGORA ROYAL Pastelfier – creating gorgeously powdery tones with a soft finish.

Lesley Jennison
Team Lucid Nocturnes



Colourist of the year from Canada.



The hippest colour trendsetter from California.