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Schwarzkopf Professional’s versatile styling range, OSiS+, introduces six new summer street styles, inspired by the creative minds of Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Styling Ambassador, Richard Ashforth and International Hair Artist & Educator, Mikey Henger.


Known for authentic raw and edgy looks, the OSiS+ Made to Create styling collection continues to push boundaries both in the salon and at home – made to create truly individual signature styles. From laid-back waves and curls to smooth, slicked-back wet-look hair, these new summer looks reflect the latest hair trends through wearable styles.


Made up of fashion bloggers, hair artists and industry models, the OSiS+ Crew welcomes the newest recruits, Jonathan Bellini, Giannina Petrović, Miranda Marquez and Teun Koeman to their team. Check out their new summer styles, as they show us how to recreate their looks at home:

So, whether it's the beach-inspired wet look, or the soft texture of waves and curls, OSiS+ is on hand to help you create your own signature styles. Discover the full OSiS+ product range and check-out the create the look tutorials today!


IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES – the colour range designed for mature hair – has added four new age defying colours to their existing range of 20 shades.


The new shades offer 100% white coverage, intense colour results and powerful conditioning, ensuring the most natural and flattering results. The colour direction of the new shades includes three cool and beige tones, as well as a bestselling chocolate blonde.


IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES includes a Pro-Age Complex, which contains a long-chain care polymer that adheres to the surface of the hair cuticle. This gives the hair an even surface, which creates a sleek and shiny appearance.


Discover the age-defying ABSOLUTES range and explore all 24 shades today!

OSiS+ Session Label


Enter the world of OSiS+ Session Label and explore iconic styling for style icons. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with the finest ingredients, this new range delivers fantastic results for the most style savvy clients.


Schwarzkopf Professional’s premium assortment consists of 9 iconic products delivering SUPER styling performance. Each SUPER light formula dries instantly, gives weightless shine or matte results, with precise hold and volume without overburdening the hair for SUPER LIGHT, SUPER DRY, SUPER FINE, SUPER PRECISE and SUPER AIRY styling results.


“OSiS+ Session Label is perfect for creating this season’s most coveted catwalk looks and finishes… whether it’s texture and matte undone looks, curl, movement or full-bodied volume with texture, all of the new products give these must-have styles the on-trend natural-looking edge.”


Richard Ashforth | Global Styling Ambassador


Inspired by beauty care, Schwarzkopf Professional have launched four all new products as part of the upgraded range, each formulated to give hair different types of texture:


Powder Cloud
An advanced SUPER FINE sprayable powder infused with Lava Rock, which creates precise volume instantly without overburdening the hair. The innovative pump function, allows for ultra-precise direct application with perfect dosage control.

Miracle 15
A SUPER VERSATILE styling balm with 15 benefits that prime, protect, define, control and add shine to the hair for an enhanced styling routine.


Crystal Gel
A SUPER CONCENTRATED gel infused with Crystal Rock Extract produces radically defined textures with strong hold control; unlike any other conventional gel, it offers a dry hair feeling.


Coal Putty
A SUPER ROUGH styling paste containing Activated Charcoal creates a no-shine matte effect, for medium hold raw looks with zero greasiness.

So, what are you waiting for? Meet the needs of your most sophisticated clientele and boost your salon retail business with textures and formulations your clients will not find in retail…


Bridging the gap between the fashion catwalk and high street, this season’s Essential Looks: Modern Ikon Collection, draws inspiration from culture, history and art to provide three distinctive new trends: OPULENT, BEAT ICON and COLORAMA.


OPULENT: Sultry, seductive and sophisticated, high-octane glamour has ruled the runways this season and is set to be huge in 2017. We’ve taken this 1950s silver screen siren inspired look and given it a thoroughly modern twist. Get inspired by the luxurious, opulent colours of the new IGORA ROYAL Opulescence range, whilst embracing the feminine curls and voluminous waves, created by Curl Honey and Bouncy Curls from the OSiS+ styling range.


BEAT ICON: From the eternal fascination of icons from the early 60s, spanning James Dean swagger to Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground cool, BEAT ICON is reminiscent of the looks that defined a generation. BEAT ICON utilises the BLONDME colour palette for maximum colour customisation. To complete the iconic look, hair is given weightless texture and a polished finish with a combination of OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Flex and Powder Cloud.


COLORAMA: Combining the rebellious attitude of punk with colour-popping hues, COLORAMA features a style for the non-conformist. Intermixable bold statement colours from IGORA ColorWorx create playful effects in a colour clash of neon shades. Textured, random shapes give a post punk DIY feel, as OSiS+ and OSiS+ Session Label styling products support a ‘rough and ready’ finish.


Take a minute to explore all the looks from our MODERN IKON COLLECTION

Essential Looks


It’s time to embrace a whole new era of blonde perfection with the launch of the much-loved BLONDME range. With the revolutionary patented* Advanced Bonding System now built into the BLONDME colour and care range, the hair is protected during lifting, lightening and colouring processes.


Bonding technologies are taking the hairdressing world by storm, “evolving from simple trend to a must-have in all hair salons” says Lesley Jennison – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador.


Instead of using products specifically for bonding services, which require an extra step during the colouring, lightening or lifting process, the new BLONDME range helps hairdressers to blonde and bond their clients’ hair in one easy step, while the advanced care range helps to maintain the hair’s repaired condition.


The Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Ambassadors, Lesley Jennison – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador and hairdresser to Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson; and Kim Vō – Global BLONDME Ambassador and hairdresser to Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson, have devised a series of stunning blonde looks and services for the new BLONDME range.


Available for all blonde hair types and wannabe blondes, BLONDME embodies everything a blonde should be: Iconic. Powerful. Individual. Iconic. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the new BLONDME range today!


*Patent pending


On Monday 10th of April, Schwarzkopf Professional officially opened their first Trend Lab facility in Hamburg, Germany!


The Trend Lab allows Schwarzkopf Professional to respond quickly to the latest trends spotted in the industry. The in-house professional studio provides hairdressers around the globe with instant hairdressing inspiration, in real time.


Celebrating hairdressing through inspiration and education, hairdressers can expect real trends executed on live models, via engaging how-to tutorials and product demonstrations on Schwarzkopf Professional’s social media channels. As well as through hairdresser-led webinars, available for registered users on


“The Schwarzkopf Professional Trend Lab is a real step change in digital delivery. It is a brand-new channel that gives us the opportunity to capture, connect and deliver education-based, real time hair and fashion trends, as they happen.”


Simon Ellis – International Creative Director | Schwarzkopf Professional


The Trend Lab is an inspirational environment that blends the refined setting of a premium loft-style salon together with a cutting-edge photography studio. Every attention to detail has been considered to create a dynamic and intuitive environment. Beautiful vintage wood has been used throughout the flexible interior, alongside a carefully selected range of interchangeable backdrops and accessories, suitable for any one of Schwarzkopf Professional’s brands to use.


The opening night hosted several VIP guests – a selective audience of international trend watchers, hairdressing experts plus research and development specialists – who enjoyed an up close and personal catwalk show, presented by Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Ambassadors, Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison.


The Ambassadors teamed up with digital influencers Mikey Henger and Jeffrey Robert to reveal the latest hair trends through an impressive line-up of commercially relevant INSTA-looks showcased on several models; including fashion bloggers Frida Mindt and Pola Fendel. Receiving a full colour and styling service, our star bloggers walked the catwalk to present their viral, on-trend looks, created with the latest Schwarzkopf Professional products.


Stay ahead of the curve and feed your passion for hairdressing with inspiring new content every day on Schwarzkopf Professional’s social media channels. All you need to do is follow @schwarzkopfpro on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter!



We all know how important it is to keep learning and improving. Hairdressers live in a dynamic and rapidly changing world, where the fast adoption of new trends determines success. Social media has sped up the evolution of transforming these trends, and knowing how to create these trends is more important than ever. 


ASK Education – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Education brand, delivers exceptional training and support for hairdressers. We bring the art of hairdressing to life in nearly 90 ASK Academies and studios across the world and support hairdressers in their professional development. We want to keep you and your salon ahead of the game, so we are reaching out through technology to help you deliver stunning, high quality and on-trend results for your clients: We’ve gone digital! 


Welcome to the future! ASK Education presents the eAcademy – an interactive, up-close and personal eLearning experience. Inside the eAcademy you can pick and choose information and tutorials under three distinct categories: Colour, Care and Finish. We provide all the information and advice to power you and your salon! All you need to do is dive in. 


“It’s really state-of-the-art stuff,” says Simon Ellis, our international Creative Director, “you can go in, join a classroom, pick your subject, take exams and if you’re a salon owner you can train your staff.” he adds. The future is here and it’s digital. With the eAcademy, you can take your salon and staff right to the cutting edge!


The eAcademy is available in 14 different languages and as a registered user, and member of the eAcademy community, you’ll have access to the latest hair knowledge, product innovations and helpful video tutorials, 24/7. The training is ongoing so you can take self-assessments, keep track of your progress with our traffic-light system and receive Schwarzkopf Professional certificates for every test you pass.


What are you waiting for? It’s an easy and really cool way to get your learn on. World-class training at your fingertips! Sign up now to take your skills to the next level with the eAcademy!


Blow-drying, styling and colouring over the years can make hair dry and fragile. Hair can be damaged just from daily hair routines, which can add up after three years. But never fear – your personal hairamedics BC Repair Rescue are here – reinvented and extended, bringing two new members onto the team! Introducing the first reversing hair therapy: BC Repair Rescue – newly reformulated with Reversilane Technology, a formula so effective that it eliminates three years of damage in just one application!


Meet our two new heroes: BC Repair Rescue S.O.S. Elixir to refill inner hair structure with deep repairing action that improves strength, and Nutri-Shield Serum to protect against external damage. This new and improved breakthrough hair therapy erases and rewinds damage, reviving hair’s movement and shine by creating an anti-friction shield. The new BC Repair Rescue restructures hair from the inside out.


Expand in-salon treatments and provide regulars or colour-addicted clientele some much-needed TLC for their fragile hair. The outstanding performance of BC Repair Rescue treatments visibly restores hair in just one 5-minute application – making this speedy service an ideal upgrade for clients who are running short on time. This beloved range is also excellent for daily upkeep at home – between salon visits – helping prolong improved hair quality and protect against new damage.


A new era has begun: Turn back time for instant vitality and flawless hair with our newest members and our improved BC Repair Rescue squad!

BC Repair Rescue


What is FIBREPLEX? A revolutionary product to protect hair from damage during chemical processes. Our expert chemists have been researching hair fibre restructuring and protection techniques for more than 20 years. Many products have been brought to the market during this time, but our efforts have now culminated in FIBREPLEX, launched in September 2015.

The highly efficient main active ingredient in FIBREPLEX is our 'bodyguard' molecule which actively protects the hair from damage – without the need for higher developer strengths or other performance compromises. Our first patent on this technology was written over a decade ago and it is still valid today

FIBREPLEX – a revolutionary story, to be continued by Schwarzkopf Professional.


It has begun: Finally, a revolutionary product is here and is about to change everything in the hairdressing world! The name of the product that will soon be at the tip of everyone’s tongue: FIBREPLEX. FIBREPLEX is a bond enforcing system that drastically reduces hair breakage during the lifting and colouring process – by 94%!* FIBREPLEX does not compromise on development time, lifting or neutralisation, and is a complete breakthrough against breakage!


Every colourist has been in this position before: A client walks in and wants to dye their hair but the client’s hair is fried and cannot handle any more colour without inevitably facing an extreme chemical cut. Or another familiar scenario: A client wants to go from black to blonde in one visit, which most hairdressers know cannot happen without massive hair damage. Hairdressers have to turn these clients away out of fear and precaution. Thankfully, these scenarios are now things of the past because FIBREPLEX fiercely protects hair against damage during lightening, lifting or colouring! Seeing is believing and you must feast your eyes on these results!


How it works: FIBREPLEX uses a three-step system – a Bond Booster, a Bond Sealer and a Bond Maintainer. FIBREPLEX Bond Booster is a supplement that can be mixed into any lightening or colouring system and fuses with the hair fibres to make strong, long-lasting structural bonds. Best of all, the colourist routine doesn’t have to be changed and FIBREPLEX will not affect the development time. FIBREPLEX Bond Sealer is an in-depth treatment that seals the bonds created by the Bond Booster adding maximum strength, elasticity and shine to hair. FIBREPLEX Bond Maintainer is an at-home treatment that maintains the repaired bonds and protects hair against any new damage.



If you need to pinch yourself, feel free, because your dreams have come true! Hairdressers will be able to accept new challenges – daring to colour and do hair in a way that only FIBREPLEX has made possible! Say goodbye to past fears and hello to the future years of an exciting new salon life. Schwarzkopf Professional’s true colour experts have come up with a NEW revolution: FIBREPLEX – get it now and be the first to make your clients believers in the impossible!



*Lightening service with FIBREPLEX vs. lightening service.



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In August 2014, Schwarzkopf Professional’s social initiative ‘Shaping Futures’ started training in the Philippines for the very first time, to give young adults the opportunity to learn hairdressing from Australian industry professionals who kindly volunteered their time.

The volunteers set a fantastic example to the disadvantaged young men and women on the programme; that even with limited means, you can become successful by investing time and applying newly acquired skills. The training covered consultation, cutting, dressing, colour and form.

The six weeks of training took place from 4th August to 13th September, with 22 young adults from the SOS Village in Lipa taking part. Not only did the students benefit from the experience, but the volunteer hairdressers also agreed that the challenge to motivate and train a group of students from an underprivileged part of the world was an unforgettable experience, which has had an enormous impact on their lives.

Patrick Fitzpatrick, ASK Advisor Sydney, Australia. “I am so very proud to have been part of this amazing experience. Words cannot explain how much my life has changed. It was a truly fulfilling experience, which I will never forget.”

Kea's Story


In the past year, the life of Shaping Futures student Kea Kors has changed completely. Kea’s parents were unable to afford to pay for her education, which limited her career prospects. However, this all changed when Schwarzkopf Professional’s social initiative program Shaping Futures offered the 21 years old a new, exciting opportunity – to be trained as a hairdresser, mentored by experienced volunteers from the profession.

Kea had always been interested in the hair and beauty industry, and the training in Cambodia provided the perfect chance to start a new career.

Kea was able to demonstrate fantastic talent and motivation, and after successfully completed the training program, she secured herself a job in a salon in Battambang.

“I am very happy with my new job and I am dreaming about owning my own salon in a few years. My main goal however, is to earn enough money to support my family.”

Kea has grown to become an independent young professional, working in an industry that she adores. Shaping Futures will continue to follow Kea along her journey, as she develops her skills and confidence further.


After Schwarzkopf Professional’s first, very successful training in Latvia and Slovenia in 2012 and 2013, they decided to expand our Eastern European engagement even further. This is why in 2014, Schwarzkopf Professional have started the first Shaping Futures trainings in Ukraine, Croatia and Poland.

Once again they partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to reach underprivileged Polish young adults who were enthusiastic to learn the hairdressing profession. 14 young people took place in the two weeks training in SOS Siedlce in Poland.

Together with UNESCO, we also trained 20 young adults in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. The students were eager to learn from our volunteer hairdressers, and successfully demonstrated their newly achieved skills at the hair show and final presentation on the last day of training.

Finally, Schwarzkopf Professional are really excited to have established a partnership with the famous hairdressing school Dyudenko, in Ukraine. This new cooperation enables them to provide young adults from SOS Children’s Villages with scholarships for a six months training program – a fantastic opportunity to receive the best education package to start their hairdressing careers.

Together #apassionforhair

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