Hair How-To: OUT OF SHAPE – Josefin

The OUT OF SHAPE look is very directional but still commercial, as the androgynous short style takes on avant-garde form, with multi-layered shaping that creates depth and dimension. Colour leans towards the synthetic and experimental: an ultra-white, two-tone blonde blended with an anti-establishment red – it’s sure to get people talking.


Follow the steps below to recreate this iconic look:


Before & After 


Before & After

Colours Used: 

  • COLOUR 1 – BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + 2% BLONDME Premium Developer (1:2)
  • COLOUR 2 – BLONDME Blonde Toning in Ice + BLONDME Blonde Toning in Sand + BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Mask All Blondes + 2% BLONDME Premium Developer (1:1:1):2
  • COLOUR 3 – BLONDME Blonde Toning in Apricot + 2% BLONDME Premium Developer (1:1)

Step 1 – Section the hair for cutting


Step 1
  • Section the hair as detailed, keeping the top out of the way

Step 2 – Clipper cut


Step 2
  • Working across the sides and back of the head, design a strong undercut shape

Step 3 – Scissor cut


Step 3
  • Keep the crown sectioned
  • Starting with the sides, pivot around the top area and trim the hair horizontally to create a clean cut, with a straight edge 
  • Working on the front section, follow the hair’s natural shape to trim the fringe area
  • Finally, move onto the crown section, elevate hair and trim at 90° to the head

Step 4 – Colour 1 


Step 4
  • Note: Josefin’s hair was pre-lightened all over with colour 1 

Step 5 – Colour 2


Step 5
  • Apply colour 2 to the side and bottom sections from roots to ends
  • Completely cover with foil

Step 6 – Colour 3


Step 6
Step 6
  • Starting at the crown, apply colour 3 from roots to ends 
  • The final colour should be applied as per the illustration
  • Develop colourants according to appropriate timings
  • Rinse, then wash hair with BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo All Blondes  

Step 7 – After Colour


Step 7
  • Hair has been finished using BLONDME Shine Elixir All Blondes  

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