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Hair How-To: REAL ME – Yihui

Ideal on longer hair, this trending colour look utilises the Colour Contour Technique to frame the face with BLONDME and IGORA VIBRANCE colours; creating a bold, dimensional REAL ME look that pushes creative boundaries.


To recreate this powerful look, follow the steps below:


Before & After


Before & After

Colours Used:

  • COLOUR 1 – BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + BLONDME Premium Developer 6% / 20Vol.
  • COLOUR 2 – IGORA VIBRANCE 1-0 + IGORA VIBRANCE Developer 4% / 13Vol.
  • COLOUR 3 – 25g BLONDME Toner Ice + 25g Sand + 5g Strawberry + BLONDME Premium Developer 2% / 7Vol.

Step 1 – Section the hair 


Step 1
  • Section the hair as indicated in the image; twisting the back and sides out of the way
  • Leave the fringe area loose

Step 2 – Colour 1 (Pre-Lighten)


Step 2
  • Release hair from one of the side sections and apply colour 1 in back-to-back slices 
  • Repeat colour 1 application within the other side section
  • Leave the fringe and back section untouched for now
  • Develop colour 1 according to instructions

Step 3 – Re-section the hair


Step 3
  • Re-section the hair as indicated in the image; keeping the pre-lightened sections out of the way for now
  • The next colour application will focus on the back area

Step 4 – Colour 2 (Base Tone)


Step 4
  • Working with the loose hair at the back of the head, apply colour 2 from roots to ends until saturated with colour
  • Cover with foil

Step 5 – Colour 3 (Effect Colour)


Step 5
  • Taking the first pre-lightened side section, apply colour 3 in back-to-back slices
  • Repeat colour 3 application within the other pre-lightened section

Step 6 – Colour 2 (Base Tone)


Step 6
  • Carefully apply 2 on the top of the head (ensuring the side sections are not touched) 
  • Moving to the fringe, continue to apply colour 2 until completely saturated with colour 
  • Finally apply colour 2 to the ends of both side sections

Step 7 – Finish (Develop and Rinse)


Step 7
  • Develop all colours according to appropriate timings
  • Rinse, then shampoo the hair with BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo
  • Finally treat hair with BLONDME Keratin Restore Intense Care Bonding Potion in combination with BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Mask for the ultimate in bonding care

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